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20-21 Kindergarten Information

Good Morning Lindbergh Families,

I hope you are all healthy and safe. It is hard to believe it has been two months since we have been in school. Please let the boys and girls know how much we miss them and can’t wait to see them. As the weather begins to warm up, I hope you are able to get outside to enjoy it.

Like many other things, we have spent endless hours trying to develop new ways of doing things given the circumstances we are currently in. Attached below you will find a link to a slide show developed by myself and my KG teacher team. We tried to provide as much information as we could to help you in this process. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us. The presentation has some live links to the district registration page and other important sites. It also includes contact information.

This week, we will also be mailing home our informational packets to families that have already done the online registration, pre-enrolled, and the families that completed our survey on the Lindbergh blog. We will try our best to continue to mail these as more families register.

Kindergarten Roundup Presentation

Have a wonderful day!

Ms. Tiba

Electronic Enrollment for Students

Parents can enroll students electronically for next year

Although Dearborn Public School buildings are currently closed, the District is enrolling for next school year.  Parents and guardians who have a child who will start Dearborn Public Schools in the fall are encouraged to start enrollment now at Enrolling in the spring, when possible, helps the District ensure we have proper staffing and supplies when the new school year starts Aug. 31.

During the building closure, the District has modified its process to allow families to complete enrollment electronically. Before the closure, parents or guardians needed to visit the District offices or their child’s future school to submit certain paperwork and complete enrollment.

Dearborn Public Schools only accepts enrollment from students living in the District, which includes almost all of Dearborn and a small section of Dearborn Heights.

For those who prefer not to enroll online, District staff can also mail paperwork for families to complete at home and then return to enroll a new student.  Anyone with questions about enrollment can call 313-495-4004 during the closure. Please be aware most employees are working from home.  Callers may need to leave a message, but someone will return the call.

The District was forced to modify its enrollment process after schools were abruptly closed in March to slow the spread of COVID-19. Traditional Kindergarten Roundups at our elementary schools had to be canceled as a result of the school closure.

To enroll in kindergarten, students must be five years old by September 1. Waivers are available for students who will turn five after September 1 but before December 1. See the District website at for the waiver and more information.

Dearborn Public Schools also offers a free Young Fives program for students who will turn five between June 15 and December 1 this year. That all-day program is offered at select schools and follows the kindergarten curriculum. Parents interested in the program will need to enroll their child in the District and can contact Student Services to learn more.

The District is also accepting registration for paid Early Childhood programs for the fall, including preschool and before and after school childcare. Parents interested in those programs can learn more by visiting Scroll down on the home page to find a list of programs and prices for next school year.  Registration forms are available under a separate tab and can be printed and mailed in to reserve your spot. Children in paid programs do not need to reside in Dearborn Public Schools. 

Parents interested in the state-sponsored GSRP preschool can start their registration at GSRP is open to low-income and working-class families at no cost to the family.

Situations are constantly changing during this COVID-19 pandemic.  For the latest information about Dearborn Public Schools, please visit the website at

See related videos on our YouTube channel, including: Online school enrollment and  Enrolling for Early Childhood programs

Material Distribution

Dear Parents, 

This week we will be offering a pick-up of some instructional material your child’s teacher has prepared.  The prepared material will vary from class to class and your child’s teacher will let you know what you will need to pick up, if anything. To avoid large crowds and provide an opportunity for families with multiple children, the pick up will happen based on the first letter of your last name.

On Tuesday, May 5 from 1-3 pm, the pick-up will be for families whose last name starts with the letter A-M.  And on Wednesday, May 6 from 1-3 pm, will be for families whose last name starts with N-Z.  The materials will be set up on the South playground (where K-2 lineup).  

The material will be placed on carts by grade level and teacher name. We ask that parents come alone with a mask, stand in line until they are asked to come forward and collect their children’s materials from the carts.  We kindly request that you just grab the top book and do not shuffle through them and as always practice safe distancing.  There will be cones and tape on the floor to also help guide the flow.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Stay safe,

Ms. Tiba

Chromebook Pick-up

Good Morning Parents,

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and a chance to get outside. I also wanted to wish those of you observing, a Ramadan Mubarak.

Last week, we were informed that several students across the district were making bad choices when using Google Meets live. For this reason, it has been disabled for students and staff were asked to only use prerecorded sessions. Over the next week or so, we will be looking into other platforms to be able to offer live sessions while ensuring the safety and security of our students and staff. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

Today, Monday, April 27 from 2-4 pm we will be distributing Chromebooks once again. If you completed the survey online, we will have a Chromebook ready for you. Please remember to come alone, practice social distancing, and bring your own writing utensil. We will ask that one person at a time come to the table, we will have a computer placed on the table with two forms. You will complete and sign the two forms, then you will take the computer, charger and one form with you. The other form will be left on the table and we will collect it. This process will repeat for each family collecting a computer.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to complete the survey, please do so. This information is valuable to ensure we are continuing to do our best to meet the needs of our families. Click for SURVEY

Have a wonderful day!

Ms. Tiba

Updated Enrollment Procedures for 2020 & 2021

Good Morning Parents,

If you are looking to enroll a student in school this year or next year, please follow the enrollment process below.  

If your child will be an incoming Kindergarten/Y5 student, we will be sharing more information in the coming weeks.   In the meantime, please complete the registration process below.  If you have other questions, specific to Lindbergh, feel free to email the school at

Thank you 

Ms. Tiba

IF YOU HAVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITATIONS OR FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE SUBMITTING HARD COPIES, please email Student Services at OR call Stacey Mendez at 313-495-4004. 

Due to Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order, our K-12 Enrollment Process has been modified effective immediately.

Step One: Pre-Enrollment

Complete the online pre-enrollment by visiting: This “pre-enrollment” step provides the necessary documents to complete the enrollment. This step does not hold a spot for enrollment until your documentation is received and validated by the Student Services Office.

Step Two: Scan and email your documents

After completing the student pre-enrollment information, scan your documents and send them to us.  If you don’t have access to a scanner, most smartphones have a scanning application or you can take a photo of the document. Send the required documents that are listed below to Please make the subject of the email the student’s first and last name as it appears on the birth certificate, passport or refugee document.

All students will need the following forms and items to enroll:

  • Original certified birth certificate, passport or refugee document.  
  • Immunizations / Shot Records (required prior to the start of physical attendance in school) The required shots may be found by clicking the following link:
  • Health Physicals* (not needed at the time of enrollment but required at the start of the school year. The physicals are required for kindergarten, 6th and 9th graders ONLY). This form can be found on the Scroll down to get to Health Form.pdf
  • Parent/guardian’s driver’s license, State ID, passport or work permit for identification purposes only.
  • Items to Prove Residency; such as:

If you own (Choose one bullet):

  • Current property tax bill and one utility bill (no water bills, DTE bills need both sides copied) 
  • Homeowners insurance policy and one utility bill 
  • Warranty deed/closing statement or Certificate of Occupancy and one utility bill

If you rent (All Bullets Required):

  • Signed current rental/lease agreement and one utility bill (rental agreement from a homeowner must include notarized signature of the homeowner) 
  • A Landlord Affidavit must be filled out by your landlord and submitted with your current signed lease agreement. (PDF).

Note: If you do not own or rent your home, you must fill out a Residency Affidavit (Located at Student Services, 18700 Audette St, Dearborn MI  48124 ) with the owner/renter of the home with which you reside, with proof of residency, once we reopen.

Step Three: Once we’ve received all your required documents, we will enroll your student.  Student Services will call or email you a confirmation when the enrollment is complete. 


Additional required forms for Kindergarten or High School

Kindergarten:  Your child should be five-years-old on or before September 1. (please see Preschool & Elementary School Information page for more information and required forms).

  • Kindergarten Waiver Request: if applying for Young Five/Kindergarten, the child must be at least 5 years of age by September 1, 2020. The waiver is applicable for students with birth dates from September 2 through December 1 of the school year of enrollment. Please visit our Preschool and Elementary School Information page, cited above, for more information.
  • The State of Michigan mandates that all children must be 5 years of age or older no later than December 1st in order to be eligible for enrollment.

High School

  • Copy of transcripts for grades 9-12
  • Withdrawal Grades/Report Card (if enrolling after the start of school)
  • Recent IEP for Special Education Students

مدارس‌ ‌ديربورن‌ ‌الرسمية‌ ‌

قسم‌ ‌شؤون‌ ‌و‌ ‌خدمات‌ ‌الطلاب‌

نظرًا للأمر التنفيذي الذي أصدرته الحاكمة ويتمور “البقاء في المنزل ، البقاء بأمان” ، فقد تم تعديل عملية تسجيل الطلاب من صف الروضة حتى الصف الثاني عشر وتعتبر هذه التغيرات قيد التنفيذ المباشر

الخطوة الأولى : التسجيل المسبق

إكمال التسجيل المسبق عبر الموقع الإلكتروني التالي القيام بـ “التسجيل المسبق” يؤمن لنا المستندات اللازمة لإكمال التسجيل. إتمام هذه الخطوة لا يعني ضمان التسجيل إلى أن يتم حتى يتم استلام الوثائق الثبوتية المطلوبة والتأكد من صحتها من قبل مكتب خدمات وشؤون الطلاب.

الخطوة الثانية: تصوير/ المسح الرقمي للوثائق وإرسالها عبر البريد الإلكتروني

بعد إكمال معلومات التسجيل المسبق للطالب ، قم بتصوير المستندات وإرسالها إلينا. إذا لم تتمكن من الوصول إلى الماسح الضوئي ، فإن معظم الهواتف الذكية لديها تطبيق مسح ضوئي أو يمكنك التقاط صورة للمستند وإرساله. الرجاء إرسال المستندات المطلوبة المذكورة أدناه إلى البريد الإلكتروني التالي: الرجاء كتابة عنوان الرسالة الإلكترونية على الشكل التالي اسم الطالب الأول والأخير / الكنية تماما كما هو مكتوب على شهادة الميلاد أو جواز السفر أو وثيقة اللجوء إذا تم استخدامها.

للتسجيل يحتاج جميع الطلاب إلى النماذج والمستندات التالية:

● شهادة الميلاد الأصلية (مطلوبة

● سجل اللقاحات / التطعيمات ( يجب تقديمه قبل بدء الدوام الشخصي – إي قبل ذهاب الطالب إلى البناء المدرسي ومباشرة الدوام والحضور-) يمكنكم الاطلاع على اللقاحات / التطعيمات المطلوبة بالضغط على الرابط التالي:

● سجل صحي لجميع الطلاب القادمين من خارج البلاد و طلاب صفوف الروضة والسادس والتاسع فقط ( ليس ضرورياً عند التسجيل لكن يجب تقديمه عند بدء الدوام الشخصي – إي عند ذهاب الطالب إلى البناء المدرسي ومباشرة الدوام والحضور-) يمكنكم إيجاد هذا النموذج على الموقع التالي انزل إلى أسفل الصفحة  للذهاب إلى  Health Form.pdf

● إثبات شخصية لأحد الوالدين (مثل: شهادة القيادة، بطاقة شخصية صادرة عن الولاية، تصريح إقامة ، جواز سفر)

● المستندات المطلوبة لإثبات مكان الإقامة:

          المُلاك – الرجاء اختيار إحدى الثبوتيات التالية:

○      فاتورة ضريبة العقار الحالية فاتورة منافع/ خدمات فواتير مصلحة المياه غير مقبولة ، عند تقديم فاتورة غاز وكهرباء نحتاج نسخة عن كَلا الجانبين.

○      بوليصة تأمين المنزل الخاص بالمالك وفاتورة منافع/ خدمات واحدة

○      اتفاقية البيع والشراء أو شهادة السكن أو سند إتمام الاتفاق وفاتورة منافع/ خدمات واحدة.

         المُستأجرين- جميع الثبوتيات الثالثة مطلوبة:

○      عقد إيجار حالي موقعو فاتورة منافع/ خدمات واحدة. (يجب أن تتضمن اتفاقية الإيجار من مالك المنزل توقيعًا موثقًا من مالك المنزل)    

○      يجب تقديم شهادة خطية موقعة من صاحب المنزل مع إثبات الإقامة. (PDF تصريح المالك يجب أن يتم توقيع هذه الوثيقة من قبل المالك ومسحه ضوئيًا أو تصوريه وتحميله مع الوثائق. 

* ملاحظة: لست مالكاً أو مستأجراً للمنزل وتعيش مع شخص آخر يرجى الحضور برفقة صاحب أو مستأجر العقار محل الإقامة وملء شهادة إقرار الإقامة في قسم شؤون وخدمات الطلاب الواقع في ۱٨٧۰۰ شارع أوديت ، ديربورن ، ميشيغان٤٨١٢٤ وإبراز وثيقة تثبت الملكية أو الإيجار حالما يعاود قسمنا العمل المكتبي.   

الخطوة الثالثة: بمجرد أن نتلقى جميع المستندات المطلوبة ، سوف نقوم بتسجيل طالبك. عند اكتمال التسجيل سيقوم مكتب خدمات وشؤون الطلاب بالاتصال بك أو إرسال رسالة تأكيد بالبريد الإلكتروني .

 في حال عدم توفر الأجهزة التكنولوجية اللازمة للقيام بهذه الخطوات أو تشعرون براحه أكبر التسجيل عبر تعبئة الأوراق كتابياً وليس عبر الإنترنت نرجو منكم مراسلتنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني على: أو الاتصال بالسيدة ستيسي مانديز على الرقم: 313-495-4004.

نماذج إضافية مطلوبة لطلاب الروضة أو المرحلة الثانوية

الروضة: يجب أن يكون الطفل قد أتم الخامسة من العمر في أو قبل الأول من أيلول / سبتمبر. لمزيد من المعلومات حول النماذج المطلوبة الرجاء مراجعة صفحة معلومات مرحلة الحضانة والمرحلة الابتدائية  

● طلب الإعفاء لطلاب الروضة: طلب الإعفاء من متطلبات العمر متوفر للأطفال الذين سيبلغون سن الخمس سنوات بين الأول من أيلول/ سبتمبر والأول من كانون الأول/ ديسمبر طلاب السنوات الخمس الصغار للتسجيل في صف الروضة. لمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة صفحة معلومات مرحلة الحضانة والمرحلة الابتدائية المذكورة أعلاه.

● يقضي قانون ولاية ميشيغان بأنه يجب أن يبلغ الطلاب سن الخمس سنوات أو أكبر في موعد لا يتجاوز الأول من كانون الأول / ديسمبر كي يكونوا مؤهلين للالتحاق لصف الروضة.

المرحلة الثانوية

● نسخة عن سجل العلامات لصفوف 9-12

● درجات الانسحاب / بطاقة العلامات (في حالة التسجيل بعد بدء المدرسة)

● نسخة عن خطة التعليم الفردية الأخيرة ( IEP) للطلاب ذوو الاحتياجات الخاصة.

Lindbergh Continuity Plan Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Today we completed the first week of our new Continuity plan guidelines and I am seeking your feedback. Below is a short survey to help us better understand the needs of the community as a whole. The collected results will allow us to make some well-informed decisions moving forward. It is anonymous and greatly appreciated.

Click here: SURVEY

Stay well and take care

Ms. Tiba

Chromebook Distribution

To ensure students have access to technology, we will again be offering a Chromebook distribution day next week for those needing one.  If your child needs a Chromebook, please complete this SURVEY (click on the word survey to complete) so that we may prepare one for you to pick up.  If you already have a Chromebook but need an additional one for another Lindbergh student, please feel free to complete the survey. Survey must be filled out to receive a Chromebook.

The buildings are still closed and not accessible. You will be notified when the buildings are accessible. Please keep up on our postings here and any emails. All staff are working from home and doing the best to communicate, educate and accommodate. Thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy!!!

We got this, we’re Lindbergh Flyers and we fly above the clouds and storms!!!

Continuity of Learning Plan update

Good Morning Lindbergh Families,

Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.  As the weather begins to warm up, we hope you will be able to get outside and enjoy some time in the sun.  Our primary goal throughout this all is to ensure the physical, social and emotional well being of each child while providing them with essential learning that will help them be as successful as possible in the long term.  Our challenge continues to be the lack of face to face interactions that tends to provide us with meaningful feedback to help gauge the decisions we are making.  Given our current circumstances, we are truly relying heavily on two-way communication.  If we continue to be proactive in seeking feedback and communicating concerns/questions/appreciations, we will get through this triumphantly.  

This week we begin implementing the new District Continuity Plan and for most of us not much will change as we have been doing it already for the last seven weeks.  If at any point you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher to provide some clarification or answers.   Some of the changes you may notice are the use of live/video recorded sessions, office hours for teacher availability, and the expectation for student participation with the assignment of grades.  The plan is new and involves many stakeholders, we greatly appreciate your advance support and understanding as we work through it and make adjustments as needed.

To ensure students have access to technology, we will again be offering a Chromebook distribution day next week for those needing one.  If your child needs a Chromebook, please complete this survey so that we may prepare one for you to pick up.  If you already have a Chromebook but need an additional one for another Lindbergh student, please feel free to complete the survey.

Below are some links to the Dearborn Public School Continuity Plan

Thank you for all you continue to do to support the Lindbergh community.

General Communications with Schools

We hope this finds you all well in this unprecedented time. To help with general communications with the school during this time. Please use our general email We will check this regularly and get back with you as soon as we are able. If teachers or staff need to get a hold of parents by phone, it will have to be with a blocked # so please check your messages, if you are expecting a call. The best way at this time is through email. Teacher’s and staff emails are on their blogs and on our staff list tab on the Home page of our site.

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Remember we are always here for you.

Health and well being to you and your families