Charles A. Lindbergh

Reminders and PTA Weekly Email Blast

Lindbergh flyers,

Please see below for a few reminders and the PTA’s weekly blast attached. 

Lost and Found: Please stop by our Lost and Found near the gym either before or after school this week to see if anything may belong to your student/s. Anything not picked up before the Holiday break will be donated. As a reminder, please be sure you label your students items when sending them to school.

Staff parking lot: Please do not use the staff parking lot as a drive thru to drop off or pick up your student. Please do not park in the staff’s parking space to drop off or pick up your student. The parking lot is for staff only. If you’re dropping your student off for kids-club or preschool, please park on the side of the street.

Early Pick-up: We understand it is not always possible, but we do ask that you please try to refrain from signing your student out after 3:00pm. The end of the day is a very busy time for students and teachers so we try to avoid disturbing their classrooms as much as possible.

PTA Email Blast

Thank you and stay warm!

Yasmine Hicks

Administrative Assistant

Lindbergh Elementary School


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