Charles A. Lindbergh

Car Traffic and Safety Concerns

Lindbergh Community,

We welcome you all back to school and want to ensure we are staying safe and secure at all times. Please remember that we are a neighborhood school and there may be times that parking is limited and that is why we always encourage our families and students to walk to school and home. We will soon be starting a new initiative to encourage more of that. In the meantime, we have seen an increase in traffic and congestion around the school. We have also had an increase of parents/visitors parking in areas that are not allowed. we ask that for the safety of all our children and everyone that we park at least 30 feet away from crosswalks and stop signs, we adhere to posted signage and avoid parking or dropping on the South side of Lodge Lane (the same side of our upper playground) and on the North side of Myrtle (the same side of our lower elementary playground). When parents/visitors are parked there it greatly decreases the visibility for our safeties to adequately and safely cross the children and adults. We appreciate your support, flexibility and understanding.

Ms. Tiba