Charles A. Lindbergh

PTA 2020 Elections

PTA 2020 Virtual Election

Hello Parents!!! With the abrupt ending to last year’s school year, we were not able to hold a traditional election. We decided that with all the uncertainty surrounding so many in our community from the pandemic, we would hold off on making any important PTA decisions.  The Dearborn PTA Council held a virtual election for their executive board over the summer, and now we would like to do the same. Here’s how it’s going to work…

1.       Email nominees to

a.       You can nominate anyone, including yourself.

b.      Nominees will be accepted from September 7th until September 21st.

2.       Any person who is nominated will be notified on September 21st of their nomination.

3.       A document will be blasted out via email, and uploaded to Facebook on September 29th.

a.       This will have the list of nominees for each open position.

b.      This document will be available for 24 hours only.

c.       Once voting has closed and been tallied, Election results will be shared.

4.       Training and a transitional period will be available for those elected.

5.       If positions are not filled or receive ZERO nominees, they will still be vacated by the current board member and remain OPEN.

6.       We will be voting on 3 Positions: President, Father VP, and Secretary. See below for a quick description.

a.       President – Holds monthly meetings, schedules PTA Event Calendar, assist event chairs in promotion and running of events, work closely with staff of needs of the school.

b.      Father VP – Be a positive male role model for our school, attend monthly meetings, manage specials teacher wishlists, organize annual end of the year Fun Fair.

c.       Secretary – attend monthly meetings, take notes/meeting minutes, manage social media accounts and PTA publications.

Keep an eye open for the election details and updates via EMAIL, BLOG POST, and FACEBOOK POST (Lindbergh PTA Dearborn)!!!