Charles A. Lindbergh

Field Day Tuesday, June 11th, 2019


Field Day



  • Tuesday, June 11th


Starting Time:

  • 3rd-5th 9:00-11:35am
  • Y5’s-2nd 12:30-3:05pm


Reporting Station & Monitoring Students

  • Take your class to the designated starting station (refer to the schedule)
  • Monitor students at each station
  • Student water bottles (labeled) will go into the blue hula-hoop at each station.
  • When you hear the horn, have the students gather their water bottles and line back up with you for the next rotation.





  • Follow normal lunch schedule, normal routine
  • PTA will serve pizza, pretzels and watermelon for the students in place of school lunch.
  • Students may bring their own lunch if they choose to do so.
  • If you are aware of students with certain allergies, you may want to highlight that for the family.



  • Will occur on the Upper Elementary side. Please keep students away from the Lower Elementary blacktop and playscape so those volunteering for the event can have ample space and time to set up for the afternoon.



  • Specials teachers will follow the normal schedule.
  • If your specials class occurs while you are outside at Field Day, the specials teacher will cover your class as they rotate around to the stations.
  • Please be cognizant of the time as transitions will be tricky.


Class Colors

  • Students will be encouraged to wear class colors on Field Day. While it’s not mandatory, it does help aid in locating classes for our volunteers.
    • Y5’s + K = Yellow
    • 1st = Blue
    • 2nd = Red
    • 3rd = Yellow
    • 4th = Blue
    • 5th = Red


Snacks and water bottles

  • Popsicles will be served at our refreshment station.  If a student brings a snack, it is to be enjoyed in the classroom before or after Field Day.
  • Water bottles need to be clearly labeled with students name (note will be going home)
  • Students are encouraged to fill up their water bottle before and once they re-enter the building after their assigned Field Day time slot.
  • Every station will have a blue hula hoop for students to place their water bottles in while they play.  After the time expires at a station, students can retrieve their water bottle and proceed to the next activity with their instructor.


Items students should bring:

  • Athletic Shoes (no sandals or boots)
  • T-shirt
  • Athletic pants or shorts
  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Sunblock (applied before school)
    • Parents are encouraged to join us for the event and may apply sunscreen.


Student Helpers

  • Student helpers will not be needed for field day this year.