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Kindergarten Round up Date Change

Our kindergarten round-up is now April 12 at 6:30 PM. We will be sending a letter soon to those students we know are on our list. Please feel free to call the Lindbergh Main office at 313-827-6300 to be sure to add your name if you think you might not be on that list or simply want to verify that you are.
We will be discussing both Kindergarten and Young Fives that night. Students must be 5 by September 1st to be eligible for Kindergarten. Young Fives are eligible to sign a waiver up to
Dec. 1st to attend!

Final Recommendation to the Board River Oaks-Haigh-Lindbergh Boundaries

Recommendation to the
Dearborn Public Schools Board of Education- March 14, 2016

Subject- Return of the original River Oaks Elementary School boundaries.

Background Information-
In 2003 voters in the Dearborn Public Schools passed a $150 million bond proposal to be used to build four new schools, additions at three high schools, and technology infrastructure upgrades throughout the district. Upon completion of the new schools there was a need to create new boundaries across the district to balance enrollment numbers at elementary, middle, and high school.

In order to relieve overcrowding at River Oaks the community task force, charged with developing the new boundary plan, recommended to the Board of Education a section of the River Oaks attendance area attend Haigh and Lindbergh Elementary School. Parents living in this attendance area did not want to leave River Oaks and the Board agreed to return the attendance area to it original boundaries at a future time.

Current Situation-
Upon passage of the $70 million 2013 SMART Bond, the Board approved a six classroom and gymnasium addition at River Oaks. This increase in capacity at the school allows River Oaks to return to its original attendance area.

The Process-
Meetings were held with parents living in the attendance area that will be returned to River Oaks but currently sends students to Haigh and Lindbergh. At the meetings District staff members collected feedback submitted by the parents. There was plenty of engaging dialogue, sharing of ideas, and constructive conversation at the meetings. Approximately ten different written forms of communication were received from parents. A summary of comments and ideas shared include:
· The opening of a STEM school at River Oaks in lieu of moving students back.
· A permanent “grandfather” provision for any residents that own property in the impacted attendance area prior to 2016.
· Do not change the attendance area and continue transporting students to Haigh and Lindbergh.

Administration Recommendation to the Board-
The Superintendent met with the three principals involved in the boundary area change and several Cabinet members to consider all ideas, options, and parent input. The following is the recommendation the Administration will make to the Board of Education for their approval:
· The River Oaks boundary lines will revert back to their original state prior to the changes made in 2005; this includes students living north of Ford Road. (Please see map).

· Allow for a grandfather provision, where any student that currently attends Haigh or Lindbergh as of the 2015-16 school year may choose to remain at those schools.

· Eliminate transportation for anyone that chooses the grandfather provision. Transportation would only be provided to River Oaks Elementary in the new boundary area.

The administration feels this plan will start the process of transitioning students back to River Oaks while still being fair by allowing those students who currently attend Haigh and Lindbergh to continue at those schools. In addition, parents always have the right to go through the normal school of choice and boundary line exemption process if they choose to do so.

This plan also fulfills the promise made by the Board of Education several years ago after the 2003 bond.


Any suggestions for the Lindbergh/River Oaks boundary plan need to be submitted to Mrs. DeNeen and/or Dr. Maleyko by next Tuesday, February 9th. Thank you to everyone who came to the meetings to hear the present plan and share their thoughts!

February News

February 2016

Welcome to the second semester of school! The students have had a very busy year and we are looking forward to a productive second half of the year.
NOTE: Over the counter medications cannot come to school with the students or be dispensed by the office without a doctor’s note.
Please remember we are recycling inkjet cartridges, cell phones, egg cartons, batteries and paper items including newspapers. Collection bins will be located by the cafeteria. Help us go green!

Students will go outside at lunch for a short time when the temperature/wind chill is 20 degrees and above. Students should dress for the weather in warm coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc., and are expected to stay on the blacktop unless they have on winter boots and snow pants. NOTE: There will not be any recess or safeties on post when the temperature/wind chills are below 20. Please watch out for the safety of all children at all times but especially when they may be crossing the street on their own. It is against school rules to throw snowballs. This is a safety issue. There can be ice shards in the snow from plowing the blacktop areas and sidewalks. Please discuss this with your children to help them understand why it may differ from home rules. Thank you!

OTHER NEWS another reminder is that having cell phones in school is against District Policy for Elementary Students. Please remind students to leave them at home if possible. We do know there are some unusual circumstances and if arrangements are made with the office, students can leave their cell phones there in the morning for the day and pick up as they leave school in the afternoon.

We have received some calls from the neighbors about traffic concerns again. Please remember to drive courteously and safely around the school building. You should not be stopping in the crosswalks or the middle of the street for any reason. You will be ticketed if you are blocking the crosswalks, fire hydrants or parked too close to the stop sign or in the bus lane. Remember to pull to the curb in a safe area to drop off or pick up students. The staff parking lot and driveway off Myrtle are not to be used for drop off or pick up either. Thanks for your support and care for all Lindbergh students.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Feb. 2nd at 7pm. Please check out the PTA board or the PTA website for volunteer needs. Involved parents help students see the value in education.

Thank you also to everyone who helped with another successful Bingo for Books on Friday, Jan. 29th. We had a very large crowd for falling on a half day. Thank you Mrs. Ruselink, Mrs. Stetz and Mrs. Pina for helping to call BINGO. We are always pleased to see a fun way of putting books in the hands of children and teaching the joy of reading.
Another book fair is going on this week in the media center.

Kindergarten Round- Up
Lindbergh will be having their Kindergarten Round up on Thursday, March 22th at 6:30 PM. Students will need to be 5 by September 1st. If you do not receive your invitation by March 1 please call Ms. Pina in the office at 313-827-6300 to make sure your child is on the list.

Physical Education News
Lindbergh Elementary will be participating in the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart program this February during PE class.
Please consider registering online by visiting our website “” and click on “Join Team” to get started. You can create your own web page that can be emailed to friends and family. Students who register online and send out 4 e-mails will receive a strawberry scented pencil. Information will be sent during the first week of this month with your child after gym class.

The Leader in Me and PBIS and Response to Bullying
As we are on our journey as a Leader in Me school, we are working on leadership roles both in the classroom and in the school. Students have applied and interviewed for two special school positions. Students now lead the Pledge and Morning announcements and we have Computer Gurus who work to get the computer lab ready for students in the morning and close it down for the end of the day. We are also having “First Class” where all students mix across the grade levels to go over the lesson of the month for our work on Habit development. Please do not forget we have a Leader in Me blog on the school website that lists the habits for you. A parent meeting will be held in the next couple of months to go over our work. We do hope that you are hearing the students refer to the 7 habits at home as well.
We are continuing our work to help us teach students positive approaches to behavior expectations. One of the ways is to make it very clear what the expected successful behavior looks like. The Lindbergh Behavior Matrix can be seen outside of the office. Students will be talking about doing things “The Lindbergh Way”. Our motto is the Lindbergh Flyer – The Spirit of Success! This month students should be on green 16 of the 19 school days. Please talk to your children about their day and continue to encourage the positive behavior choices.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
4:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Dearborn Hills Golf Course
1300 S. Telegraph Rd., Dearborn, MI 48124
The Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation will be awarding grants to the Elementary, Middle, and High School with the highest level of participation in the DOUBLOON COMPETITION! Every attendee of Mardi Gras will receive a doubloon they can give to the school of their choice. The schools will be divided into categories: High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools. The school in each category with the most doubloons at the end of the evening will receive a grant. Attendees will also have the opportunity of purchasing additional doubloons. The winning schools will be presented with the checks at the
Dearborn Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year Award.

The winning school, in each category, will receive a grant for:
Elementary School: $250
Middle School: $500
High School: $1,000
Advance tickets are available at all Dearborn Public Schools for only $25 or at the door for $30. Ticket prices include: a drink ticket, food & entertainment! There will also be many great prizes, 50/50, a tin can raffle and silent auction.

Have you signed up lately to be a WatchDOG?
Dads we are talking to you! That’s right you are a Dad of a Great Student. Don’t forget you too can come to school for the day and help out in classrooms, lunch and recess. Students get so excited to have their parents come to help at school. They are especially happy to have their dad. You just need to have a current background check on file, check your schedule and sign up. You can sign up in the office or by emailing If you would like more information on the program, you can check out WatchDOGS at

There are several ways you can continue to support Lindbergh and the Lindbergh PTA in your everyday shopping. Select Lindbergh for your Kroger Card. We can still use for your online shopping. Just select Lindbergh there too. Shoparoo is an APP you can download and scan in receipts once you have selected Lindbergh to help as well.
Schoola has gently used children’s clothing that you can purchase in Lindbergh’s name also ( If you go through Amazon, go to Amazon Smile, select Lindbergh and continue shopping. A percentage of your purchase goes to our school.

Late Starts – Feb. 10, Mar. 16,
May 11
• Book Fair Feb. 1-5
• Mid-Winter Break: Friday, Feb. 12th and Monday, Feb. 15th
• March 22th – Kindergarten Round-Up, 6:30 pm
• Spring Break: March 25-Apr. 3
• No school – May 27th

2015-16 Legal Announcements Now Available

The law requires the Dearborn Public Schools to provide parents or guardians a set of legal announcements containing information on laws pertaining to students and parents. The updated version of these announcements is now available on the district website, All parents and guardians are encouraged to take a moment and review the document. If anyone is in need of translation assistance to review the document please contact the Student Services Office at 827-3005

dec-Jan Newsletter

December 2015/January 2016

WOW, the school year has flown by for all of us. I hope your family is enjoying the learning experiences for the children. I know we are all growing together as we learn more about the 7 Habits and being stronger leaders in the classroom and the community.

As always I want to thank the families that help with the events held at the school. Lindbergh is truly a center for the community. We are pleased to see such strong liaisons being developed. Your children understand the importance of school and community involvement through watching your actions!

The Holiday Boutique and the Santa Shop were amazingly successful because of the strong family involvement. I love seeing former Lindbergh families returning to participate in all of our events!

Thank you also for your support as we strive to have continued safety of all the Lindbergh children such as locking outside doors and not using the parking lot or drive way for drop off or pick up. Please be careful when driving your students to school and remember to park a safe distance from the crosswalks. Cars are allowed to park 30 ft. from stop signs and 20 ft. from the cross walks. We do ask that students do NOT cross in the middle of the street but walk to the crosswalk to come over to the building. The police will be doing random checks on the safety of parent drivers in our community.

Students are expected to wait outside in the mornings (except for inclement weather) until the bell rings at 8:35 AM. Teachers are finishing instructional preparation and are not here for supervision of the children before that time. Inclement weather would include rain, storms, ice, wet snow, and actual or wind chill temperatures under 20 degrees.

Parents-please remember to sign in the visitor book when you come to school
during the day for any reason. We do not allow anyone to walk through the building or join in on the playground during the school day without signing in at the office. We have special volunteer badges for you to wear so everyone knows you are here to help. We want you to feel welcome to visit but signing in allows us to locate you in case of emergency and is another facet of the safety concerns for the school. It is appropriate to make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you would like to observe in the classroom or discuss your child. Teachers cannot leave the rest of the class to have this type of discussion in the morning or during time of instruction.

Speaking of safety, are your children safe while online? Michigan families, especially minors, are becoming inundated with advertisements from alcohol, tobacco, pornography and gambling marketers through different internet and cell phone inboxes. Texting their advertisements is the newest marketing effort that many of these companies are using. Thankfully, the State of Michigan offers a free program to stop adult advertisements from reaching e-mails, mobile phones (text messaging ads) and instant messenger IDs. The Michigan Child Protection Registry, like the federal Do Not Call List, is a free do-not-contact service for Michigan’s families and schools and can be located at

As a strong supporter of this registry, I would like to encourage you to sign your entire family up for the registry and inform your friends and colleagues about how they can protect children and families from unwanted adult advertising. To sign up only takes seconds. Just go to and keep your family safe.

We hope your children will be able to attend school every day. However we know that illnesses occur. Please be sure to call the attendance line 313-827-6301 or the office at 313-827-6300 to report your child’s absence by 9:00 AM. You may leave a message 24 hrs a day. We will be calling anyone who has not called in. This is essential for the safety of our children. Also please try to schedule doctor or dentist appointments for the children after school or on days off.

We hope you are checking the monthly menu to make your lunch plans with your children. Remember you can send in checks for prepayment for breakfast and lunch. Checks should be made payable to Dearborn Public Schools.

Our goal is to go outside during lunch every chance we get. The weather is changing and it is important to check the
weather in the morning for the day. Students should be dressed appropriately
for the weather. It is important to discuss what you want your children to do about warmer clothing. If coats are sent, we will be encouraging the students to wear them. Please label all clothing with your student’s name.

The PTA has some important events coming up that I felt warranted reminders. First, our Holiday Boutique was Saturday, November 8th. It was a fabulous success! Thanks to all that worked! Second, the Santa Shop was also a huge success. Our next PTA meeting will be held on January 5th at 7 PM. Please do not forget we are still collecting Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s Soup Labels. Keep them coming. Target Red Card and Kroger school reward programs are still helping our school! We are participating in the school mall online shopping program again this year. Search for Lindbergh Elementary. Then shop as you normally would online. We get a percentage of the proceeds. Many businesses also have script available for us to receive funding more than one time.

We all want students to feel the ownership of their learning. We are working along with all of Dearborn Schools to create a My Learning Plan for all students. Students here at Lindbergh have always set goals for Daily 5/CAFÉ and for math as well. We are helping students become aware of the learning targets from their assessments. Teachers and students have started to create these goals and went over them with you at Conferences.

Remember to ask your children about The Leader in Me. We have regular discussions in classrooms and school assemblies. You can go to the blog at to learn even more about our work. As the students about their class mission and what habit we are working on. We now have student leaders taking care of the morning announcements and the pledge every day. It is a great leadership event.
Parents, students and staff make up a strong team to support student achievement and general all around positive growth. Thank you for working with us to make your children successful!

The Lindbergh lost and found is located on a table right outside the office. When you are here visiting, please be sure to look for any familiar items. They are filling up quickly with mostly coats.
We will try to clean out the lockers twice a year and will donate any unclaimed items to a local charitable organization.

This year our City Beautiful Representatives are Nicholas Maziarz and Charlotte Karoub. Miss Polidori is the faculty representative. We attended the All School Breakfast at Performing Arts Center for them to meet with the mayor and other important officials. The Team will be sending notes home later to explain the ideas for Lindbergh and our clean-up campaign.

Dec. 16 – Late Start 9:40 AM
Dec. 18 – Last day of school in 2015
Dec. 21-Jan. 3 –Winter Holiday Break
Jan. 4 – Welcome back in 2016
Jan. 18 – NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 20 – Late Start
Jan. 29 – 11:45 AM dismissal, end of card marking

Dearborn Schools Antibullying Rally Follow Us On

Music, Student Performances, Free Prize Drawings at November 17 City-wide Response to Bullying Event

“My future is unlimited. Together WE’RE unlimited!” and “I have the POWER” are some of the key messages that students from elementary through high school will share using music, stories and songs at the 5th annual city-wide Response to Bullying Extravaganza event at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17.

Bring family. Bring friends! All are encouraged to attend this fun-filled, FREE event in the beautiful Michael A. Guido Theater at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center.

Set to the music and themes from Broadway hit “Wicked,” the event shares the lessons…
• Everyone has a story,
• Sometimes things are not as they appear,
• Everyone deserves a chance to succeed, and
• Friends can help friends change for the good.

“Wicked” tells the “back story” of the two witches in the Wizard of Oz, illustrating that there are two sides to every story. As young girls, the “good witch” wasn’t always so good and the “bad witch” was repeatedly teased, bullied and left out. In the end, the two girls became friends…but not until after they learned the important lessons that words and actions have consequences; everyone has the power to help others; and, working together, people have unlimited potential to succeed.

“Students know as well as adults that bullying behavior causes personal pain and it can happen anywhere or any time,” noted Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Glenn Maleyko. “I encourage everyone to attend the November 17 event to see our talented students use music and dance to share the messages that bullying behavior hurts and everyone has the power to help others succeed.”

A district-wide plan, community partnerships and effective student-driven initiatives to identify and stop bullying behavior over the past four years have made Dearborn’s Response to Bullying Program a successful role model for other groups and organizations across the country. It’s a city-wide effort in which partners work together to reach all community members and build a bully-free culture throughout the city of Dearborn.

Maleyko added, “We’re proud that Dearborn students are an equal partner with our teachers, Board of Education, Mayor, City Council, community groups and other organizations in a community-wide initiative to address bullying across our city.”

In 2012, the Dearborn Public Schools district put into place a policy on bullying behavior that requires all Dearborn staff having any contact with students to participate in annual anti-bullying professional development on how to prevent, identify, respond to and report bullying behavior. In addition, each school conducts anti-bullying training for parents, tracks incidents of bullying behavior, and holds three anti-bullying events each year.

For more information about the Anti-Bullying Extravaganza and Dearborn Public Schools response to bullying initiatives, contact Jacqui Rivait at 313-827-3109 or .

Lindbergh Online Safe Box

A number of our middle schools are trying to use a new style form to have a digital form to report concerns about school. It may include bullying situations or just something that they were concerned about. We are going to try to have a form available for you to try! Thank you for your input and support. We always want everyone to feel safe at school and safe to report a problem. Have a great day!