Charles A. Lindbergh

SchoolStore Fundraiser

Hello Parents,

Today your child is bringing home a Parent Information Envelope letting you know about a safe and easy way for our school to raise funds for essential tools our students and teachers need to succeed.

The SchoolStore fundraiser is 100% online so there is NO face-to-face selling, handling money, or delivering products. Your participation will take less than 12 minutes, and there are exciting prizes to make it fun for the students.

Here is all you need to do to participate:

  1. CLICK HERE to sign up.
  2. Send form emails inviting family, friends and co-workers to support your child.
  3. Return the Envelope with the Student Prize Code to school for your child to get their fun participation prize. *Your student DOES NOT need to send an email invite to receive the initial prize. All your student needs to do is bring the SIGNED envelope to school to receive the initial prize*

Be sure to ask your child for the Parent Envelope tonight. Your participation will make a difference for our school and teachers!

Thank you,
Lindbergh Elementary School