Charles A. Lindbergh

School-Wide Electronic/Game Day Celebration

School-Wide Electronic/Game Day Celebration

Tuesday, November 21st

Last week, our school reached their Battle Against Hunger WIG and donated 2,561 non-perishable food items for families in need. Way to go Lindbergh Flyers!  As a celebration, Lindbergh as a school has earned a school-wide electronic/game day! 

Students may bring in handheld electronic devices, such as: Nintendo DS, Nintendo switch, iPods, MP3 players, tablets, etc. If your student brings in an electronic device it is all at their own risk.   We expect that students will only be playing “school appropriate” games.  Students who do not wish to bring in electronics may bring in board games or a card game to play.

If you do bring in a board game, please make sure to label the games with your student’s name. Also, only send in games that your child already knows how to play (suggestions include: checkers, chess, Memory, Connect 4, Sorry, Candyland, Uno, Jenga).  Keep in mind the reward is 30 minutes long, so help your child choose an appropriate game that can be played in that time.

Thank you.

Keep encouraging your child to follow “The Lindbergh Way!”