Charles A. Lindbergh

Traffic and Parking Reminders!

Lindbergh Families and Community,

The safety of our students should be a priority for all! Whether you’re a Lindbergh staff member, parent, or neighbor. It takes a village! Please take a moment to review a few of our traffic safety reminders. 

  • Staff Parking: Parking space is very limited for our teachers and staff, please do not park in the staff parking lot. 
  • Handicap Parking: In order to park in the handicap parking spots, you must have your handicap placard hung from the rearview mirror of your vehicle or have a disability license plate. 
  • Safe Driving: Please adhere to the speed limit and traffic laws. Refrain from driving while distracted. It takes less than a second for a child to run into the street. Please do not pick up or drop your child off in the middle of the street. 
  • Bus Parking: Please do not park in the bus parking area. There are signs posted to indicate whether or not it is a parking spot for our school bus.

Thank you all for helping to ensure every child arrives and departs school safely!