Charles A. Lindbergh

After School Hours Incident

Lindbergh families,

Over the weekend I received an email  from a parent regarding an incident that took place after school hours, and I thought it would be important to share with our Lindbergh families.

On Friday, three middle school students approached some of our students on the playground and asked if they wanted to play a game. One of the boys offered to give them $20 or “spin the wheel,” while one of the boys was holding a bat (described as similar to a nerf bat), the other had his phone – filming everything.  Our students declined to play and as the middle school students were walking away they kept yelling random things.  

This incident could have gone very differently if our students weren’t aware of what was being asked of them.  Although it happened after school, it is an important reminder to please be mindful when sending your students to the playground before and after school hours, and please continue to discuss the importance of avoiding strangers.  

Thank you,

Zainah Tiba


Charles A. Lindbergh Elementary School

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