Charles A. Lindbergh

It’s Pajama Day This Thursday!

Lindbergh families,

So far we have raised $3,471.00 for the American Heart Association to help fight heart disease. 100 students have signed up for the Kids Heart Challenge. That means we have earned a PAJAMA DAY!!! We invite all students and staff to wear pajamas to school this Thursday. The deadline to turn in your donations and register for your free wristband is this Friday. Way to go Lindbergh Flyers!!



  • We have raised $3,471.09 …we are only $2,600 away from our goal- we can do it!!
  • 45 students chose the “be kind” challenge
  • 54 students chose the “move more” challenge
  • 9 Students have completed Finn’s Missions

DON’T FORGET! Any student who completes Finn’s Missions (on the website/app) will get to SPLAT A DRAGON EGG on MR. HARVEY! CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have already completed Finn’s Missions:

  1. Alaina B.
  2. Amir M.
  3. Carla S.
  4. Ezekiel W.
  5. Harry D.
  6. Lucas C.
  7. Violet L.
  8. Yousef N.
  9. Yusef A.

Thank you, Lindbergh, for helping kids just like Jojo