Charles A. Lindbergh

A Friendly Reminder Regarding Our Student Safeties

Lindbergh families and community,

Our student safeties started monitoring their assigned posts this week. Below are a few reminders of what a student safety is, and what their job entails. If you ever have concerns or complaints regarding a reckless driver near the building, we ask that you please take down their license plate number and call our front office or call the non emergency police line at 313-943-2241.

*Safeties on street posts are responsible for crossing children to and from school safely.

*They are instructed to wave cars on as per AAA rules

*They may not cross people in front of cars.

*Please remain behind the safeties and wait for their direction to cross.

*Be patient they are learning.  

*Please remember NOT to let your child get out of the car on the street side. They should get out on the sidewalk side and cross at the corner. No one should be crossing in the middle of the block at any time.

Thank you,

Yasmine Hicks

Administrative Assistant

Lindbergh Elementary School


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