Charles A. Lindbergh

Upcoming STEAM Night Details!


STEAM Night was designed in collaboration with Susan Hammoud, one of two Inspirators for STEM Club presidents with the Barger Leadership Institute at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 

Students and families will be able to select 3 of the 5 activity stations to participate in guided, hands-on opportunities related to the various disciplines found within STEAM. 

Thanks to the PTA, students will also get a bag with take-home extension activities at the end of the evening. 

Activity Stations: 

  • The Science Behind Magic Milk (K-5)
  • Building Challenges for Engineers (K-5)
  • Oobleck: A Mystery Substance (K-5)
  • Snapcircuits: Exploring Circuitry (Grades 3-5)
  • Sink or Float: Predicting Density (K-5)


STEAM Night will take place on Friday, May 13th during two time slots. Registration is required to attend the event. This allows for adequate staffing, materials distribution, and participant safety. 

  • Time Slot 1: 5:00-6:00
  • Time Slot 2: 5:15-6:15


Students and parents/guardians may enter STEAM Night through the doors closest to the staff parking lot on Waverly. Tickets are required for entry. Students will then be given a take-home bag to decorate with their name in the cafeteria before heading to the activity rooms on the first floor. 

All participants will exit through the doors closest to the main office. 

How to register? 

The registration form is linked below. Participation is based on a first-come, first-serve basis (the event is able to welcome up to 200 student participants). We ask that registered students currently attend Lindbergh. The registration cut off is Friday, May 6th at 5:00pm. Confirmation your family received entry at their preferred time slot will come on Monday, May 9th and tickets will go home with students on Thursday, May 12th for the event on May 13th.