Charles A. Lindbergh

Oxford Statement from Superintendent

November 30, 2021 


Our entire Dearborn Schools community is deeply saddened by the horrific and tragic events that occured at Oxford High School.  On behalf of the Board of Education and the entire Dearborn Public Schools family, I want to extend my most heartfelt condolences to the families of the children who were victims of this senseless violence. I offer prayers for a quick recovery to those who sustained serious injuries, and I thank all of the first responders for their heroic actions to restore order and safety.  

As a lifelong educator and superintendent, events such as this are my greatest fear. However, as a father, I struggle to even try to put into words the deep emotions and feelings that I know all parents experience at a time like this. The Oxford School community is suffering a great emotional and physical loss. Let’s all reach out and support them, offer our kind words to them, and help them as they recover from the shock of this senseless loss of life and emotional trauma. 

Unfortunately, this tragedy is also a sobering reminder that terrible events can happen anywhere at any time. It truly takes all of us as a community, working together and communicating, to prevent these violent acts from occurring. Please continue to talk with your children and urge them to reach out to their teachers or other trusted adults when they hear of any potentially dangerous situation or safety issue. 

I am very confident in the plans that we have in place to keep our schools safe.  We practice our emergency drills throughout the year and our staff and School Resource Officers build strong relationships with our students to prevent tragedies before they occur. In addition, we are very fortunate to have an outstanding police and fire department in our community who are always here to support the district.  

Of course, the entire staff of the Dearborn Public Schools are committed to the safety of our schools and your children. As we reflect on the sad and unexplainable events that occurred in Oxford, let us also take a moment to offer our prayers and support to their entire community. 


Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools