Charles A. Lindbergh

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents

Welcome Back! We are looking forward to an amazing and exciting school year. By now each of you should have received an email from your child’s classroom teacher. If you have not received one, please send me an email and I will try my best to reply to you with some information. Please remember that it is the weekend and I have limited access. If you do not receive a response, there will be extra staff outside with class lists that can help direct you where to go.

School begins at 8:55AM on Monday, August 30. If you are interested in sending your child for breakfast, it will be available from 8:35AM-8:50AM (use door 2). It is a half day for all students and dismissal is at 12:05PM. After you pick up your child, we will have a small meet and greet for about 20 minutes to meet staff and each other. Join us if you can, we will be on Four Square Blacktop (East Playground area). If your child rides the bus and you are coming, please let your child and his/her teacher know not to get on the bus home.

See you all Monday, have a fabulous weekend!