Charles A. Lindbergh

Material Distribution

Dear Parents, 

This week we will be offering a pick-up of some instructional material your child’s teacher has prepared.  The prepared material will vary from class to class and your child’s teacher will let you know what you will need to pick up, if anything. To avoid large crowds and provide an opportunity for families with multiple children, the pick up will happen based on the first letter of your last name.

On Tuesday, May 5 from 1-3 pm, the pick-up will be for families whose last name starts with the letter A-M.  And on Wednesday, May 6 from 1-3 pm, will be for families whose last name starts with N-Z.  The materials will be set up on the South playground (where K-2 lineup).  

The material will be placed on carts by grade level and teacher name. We ask that parents come alone with a mask, stand in line until they are asked to come forward and collect their children’s materials from the carts.  We kindly request that you just grab the top book and do not shuffle through them and as always practice safe distancing.  There will be cones and tape on the floor to also help guide the flow.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Stay safe,

Ms. Tiba