Charles A. Lindbergh

Informational Alert

Lindbergh Community

To ensure student safety and maintain communication, I am sharing the following information to inform and not to alarm you regarding an incident experienced by one of our students. 

During dismissal, one of our students was walking home on North Waverly when a white Explorer with tinted windows started following him, it honked its horn at him and appeared to drive and stop as the student continued to walk.  It wasn’t until the student got to his car that the other car left.  The student did the right thing and stayed away from the car.  This incident has been reported to the proper channels.

Please make sure to review stranger danger with your child.  Below are a few tips if needed:

  • If students walk or ride bikes to school, it is best to do so in groups
  • Be alert of your surroundings
  • Identify safe houses and adults in the neighborhood
  • Report any suspicious activities to an adult

We appreciate your help as we work together to keep all of our students safe.