Charles A. Lindbergh

Enrollment Update

Lindbergh Families,

Hope everyone had a great summer.  We have been working hard all summer to get the school ready for another great school year.  

Over the last several weeks, we have seen an increase in our population in specific grades.  I have been in constant communication with district office on a daily basis so that if needed we are able to make swift decisions.  Please remember that although our registrations are high on paper often times over the summer families move and don’t inform us. Considering these factors at the building level, we have worked very hard to ensure our classes are balanced across various factors to help shape a conducive environment for learning and growing both academically and socially.  The last two years we have been able to provide support across all grade levels and am glad to say we have the right systems built to ensure it continues even though the district is going through budgetary cuts because of the House budget.  

With that being said, I want to assure everyone that our vision of “Students First” stands true and we are committed to making decisions based on that.  We will continue to monitor our numbers and after our first day, we will have a more accurate count to make the best possible decision. We have developed alternative plans to support various scenarios. Finally, our support staff will also be readily available to support in all grade levels specifically those with higher student count until final decisions are made. 

I look forward to a very successful year full of student excitement and engagement.  We have many things to celebrate and be proud of. Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.  

See you Monday, enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Tiba