Charles A. Lindbergh

Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up

Lindbergh Community,

It has been brought to my attention that more drivers have been using the staff parking lot to drop off students-please remember that no drop-offs or pick-ups should happen in the parking lot as it poses a safety concern and makes it challenging for staff to get into the parking lot.  We would appreciate it if all drivers are dropping off and picking up from the designated areas around the school.  Also, as the temperatures continue to drop please remember that indoor line-up and access to the building begins at 8:25am.  Any students wanting to eat breakfast may then enter the building at 8:15am.  They are to remain in the cafeteria until 8:25am.  There is no supervision prior to those times.  We appreciate your understanding and support in these matters.

Have a great day-stay warm!