Read At Home Plan

Young Fives

Read with your child for 10-15 minutes each night. You may choose to:

  • Read to your child while he/she listens.
  • Read with your child (alternating who reads).
  • Have your child read to you.
  • Listen to a story online (,, YouTube etc.)

Ask your child questions about the book before, during, and after reading to better judge if they are understanding what they are reading. Complete and return your child’s reading log at the end of the month.

Reading Log



Your child will need to read 5 times a week for 10-15  minutes each day.  Here is a list of possible reading activities:

  • Practice “recognizing” his/her first and last name.
  • Practice identifying unknown letters and sounds.
  • Practice weekly poems from poetry folder.
  • Practice weekly sight words.
  • Enjoy reading favorite books.  This could be you reading to your child or your child reading the pictures/words to you.
  • Reading books in your Guided Reading bag.
  • Reading and Listening to books on RAZ kids.


NIghtly Recording Sheet


First Grade

  • Read from your Good Fit Book Bag for a minimum of 15 minutes a night.
  • Using the questions from, “Help Your Child Become A Better Reader”, choose 4-5 questions to ask your child when they finish reading each night.
  • Practice retelling the story using words such as: In the beginning, next, then, after that, in the end.
  • Practice grade level sight word cards
  • Practice listen to reading using websites such as, MyOn, and/or MobyMax
  • Read Fiction and Nonfiction texts on


Second Grade

  1. Students are to read good fit books 20-30 minutes daily minimum of 4-5 times a week.
  2. “To Help Your Child Become a Better Reader” nonfiction and fiction questions are provided in each student’s Everyday Folder for parents to use while practicing reading with their child. Ask 5-6 questions daily.
  3. Student reading logs need to be filled out and signed by parents and returned when due.
  4. Weekly reading/spelling patterns are found on Spelling City.   Students should visit this website to practice new weekly patterns which will help improve reading, spelling, and writing skills.


Third Grade

In third grade, every child should read for a minimum of 20-30 minutes a night. Students and parents will be expected to fill out their reading log and turn them into your child’s teacher. (A log will be attached to the teachers blog).  Listed below are some of the reading resources that they may use:


  • Myon
  • Mobymax
  • Good Fit Books from home
  • Library books
  • Reading Group books


After reading, please ask your child some questions about the book that they just read. Listed below are some sample questions:


Fiction Questions

-What was the problem in the story? How was the problem solved?

-Are you like the main character or are you different? Explain why.

– What part of the story was the most exciting? Why?

– Which character from the story would you choose to be your friend? Why?


Nonfiction Questions

  • What is the main idea of the text?
  • What did you learn from reading this text?
  • Were there any text features (heading, diagram, chart, etc.) that were important?
  • What questions would you ask the author about the topic?


After they have finished the book, have students write about whether or not they would recommend the book to the class. Have them explain why or why not.


Along with their nightly reading, your student should also study their weekly spelling words. To practice these words they may use:


-Spelling words from their planner

-Spelling City


4th Grade

In fourth grade, every child should read for 30 minutes 5 nights a week. Students can use websites such as Myon, MobyMax, and Readworks, or can just read a good old fashion book! Use the “Help you child become a better READER” questions to check your child’s understanding. Students will be expected to fill out a reading calendar/log daily.


Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, every child should read for 30 minutes 5 nights a week.  Students can use websites such as Readworks, MobyMax, Myon or can read a book.  Use the “Help your child become a better READER” questions to check your child’s understanding.  Students will be expected to fill out a reading log daily.


4/5 Split

Students are to read for 20-30 minutes, five times a week. They are to complete their daily reading logs and turn them in monthly with a parent signature.

Students respond to reading 3 x’s a month in the Reading Response Journal. They have to write a summary, apply their reading to the 7 habits, and then choose a topic from the list provided. This is glued in their Reading Response Notebook.

Reading Log  


Independent reading requirement

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