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Drop-off and Pick-up

Dear Parents

A gentle reminder during drop off and pick up to avoid using and/or blocking the driveways of our neighborhood houses.  Although parking may be difficult at times, we are confident that alternatives can be found.  We greatly appreciate your support.

In addition, please remember that students should be lining up at their designated area outside in the morning and should not be dropped off at other doors.

Thank you for your continued understanding!

Cipriano Race

2017 Lindbergh Flyers CC Team :

4th grade Girls :  Amina M.,  Abigail E.,  Ellyana T., Lydia M., Sireen B., Reem B., Lillian K., Emily M.

4th grade Boys :  Jad I.,  Abbas O.,  Justin M.,  Hadi C.,  Finn C.,  Faisal N.,  Thomas W.,  Jamil E., Husam H.,  Ibrahim F.

5th grade Girls:  Aya A.,  Zeinat B.,  Mia M.,  Kaitlyn D.,  Yasmeen Y.,  Kaitlyn R.,  Jillian F.,  Hadi J.,  Reyna T.

5th grade Boys:  Armin C.,  Jaden B.,  Dominic M.,  Malik J.,  Eddie M.,  Nick T.,  Ben P.,  Julian L.,  Alec M.

4th grade girls: Amina M. finished in the top 10 and Lydia M. was in the top 15.

4th grade boys: won 2nd Place Team award. Faisal N. won first place, while Justin M. was 5th, Thomas W. finished 10th.

5th grade girls: Mia M. finished 9th and Jillian F. was in the top 15.

5th grade boys: won the Team trophy, 1st Place. Eddie M. won first place, Alec M. was 3rd and Julian L. was 4th

Congratulations to all the Lindbergh Flyers that endured the rain, hills, and mud for this 1 mile race at Dearborn’s Ford Park.

Parent Survey

This survey consists of two questions to collect parent feedback on the possibility to pilot year-round school concept in one or two elementary schools. One of the arguments for year-round schooling is that children will have better knowledge retention versus having too much of a mental break in the summer. School calendar would be extended to include additional four weeks in the summer. Please click on the link to share your feedback:


يتألف هذا الاستقصاء من سؤالين لجمع آراء أولياء الامور بشأن إمكانية تجريب مفهوم المدرسة على مدار السنة في عدد صغير من المدارس الابتدائية. إحدى فوائد التعليم المدرسي على مدار السنة هي أن الطلاب يحافظون على متابعة التحصيل العلمي خلال الصيف. إذا قمنا بتنفيذ هذه
الخطة سيتم تمديد التقويم المدرسي ليشمل أربعة أسابيع إضافية في الصي
   :يرجى النقر على الرابط لإكمال سؤالين حول مفهوم المدرسة على مدار السنة


Dear Parents of Young 5’s and Kindergarten

Please remember that tomorrow October 6, 2017 there is No School for your children.  School for all other grades (Grade 1-5) will be in session.

Have a great weekend!

Open House

Thank you to the entire Lindbergh community for joining us yesterday during our Open House.  It was a great to meet everyone.  If you didn’t get a chance to join our PTA, please do so soon.  It is a great opportunity to connect with the school and other families.

Thank you to Clifford for bringing smiles to our faces!