Charles A. Lindbergh

November Newsletter information

November 2015
The school year is flying by for all of us. I hope your family is enjoying the learning experiences for the children.
November is an action packed month for us with many events.

As always I want to thank the families that help with the events held at the school. Lindbergh is truly a center for the community. We are pleased to see such strong liaisons being developed. Your children understand the importance of school and community involvement through watching your actions!

The Haunted School was amazingly successful because of the strong family involvement. I love seeing former Lindbergh families returning to participate in all of our events!

Thank you also for your support as we strive to have continued safety of all the Lindbergh children such as locking outside doors, using the bell to get buzzed in, and not using the parking lot or drive way for drop off or pick up. Please be careful when driving your students to school and remember to park a safe distance from the crosswalks. Cars are allowed to park 30 ft. from stop signs and 20 ft. from the cross walks. We do ask that students do NOT cross in the middle of the street but walk to the crosswalk to come over to the building. The police will be doing random checks on the safety of parent drivers in our community.

Students are expected to wait outside in the mornings (except for inclement weather) until the bell rings at 8:35 AM. Teachers are finishing instructional preparation and are not here for supervision of the children before that time. Inclement weather would include rain, storms, ice, wet snow, and actual or wind-chill temperatures under 20 degrees.

Please use the door near the café and staff parking lot for after school programs after 4:00pm

Parents-please remember to sign in the visitor book when you come to school
during the day for any reason. We do not allow anyone to walk through the building without signing in at the office. We have special volunteer badges for you to wear so everyone knows you are here to help. We want you to feel welcome to visit but signing in allows us to locate you in case of emergency and is another facet of the safety concerns for the school. It is appropriate to make an appointment with your child’s teacher if you would like to observe in the classroom or discuss your child as it is difficult for teachers to meet while the rest of the class is waiting.

We hope your children will be able to attend school every day. However we know that illnesses occur. Please be sure to call the office at 313-827-6300 or the attendance line313-827-6301 to report your child’s absence by 9:00 AM. You may leave a message 24 hrs a day. We will be calling anyone who has not called in. This is essential for the safety of our children. Also please try to schedule doctor or dentist appointments for the children after school or on days off. If this is not possible, please make sure to notify the teacher in advance that you will be taking your child out of school. Make calls before 3:15. Teachers are getting students ready to go home and assigning homework at the end of the day and need time to assure your students get all they need before going home.

We hope you are checking the monthly menu to make your lunch plans with your children. Remember you can send in checks for prepayment for breakfast and lunch. Checks should be made payable to Dearborn Public Schools.

Winter is around the corner. Our goal is to go outside during lunch every chance we get. We will be staying inside if the actual temperature or wind-chill is 20 degrees F. As the weather changes it is important to check the weather in the morning for the entire day. Students should be dressed appropriately for the weather. It is important to discuss what you want your children to do about warmer clothing. If coats are sent, we will be encouraging the students to wear them. Please label all clothing with your student’s name.

Lindbergh PBIS & The Leader in Me
Please visit and subscribe to our school’s blog site for the latest news and updates about our behavior support leader programs. You will find information about dates and times for assemblies, rewards, school song, photos, and awards that students and classes can win every month. There are also documents you can view and print about our Behavior Expectations and The Leader in Me and 7 Habits.

The PTA has some important events coming up that I felt warranted reminders. First, our Holiday Boutique will be held Saturday, November 14th. It will be a fabulous success with all of your help! Second, the Santa Shop will be coming in December. Please watch for further details. Our next PTA meeting will be held on Nov. 10th
at 7 PM. Please do not forget we are still collecting Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s Soup Labels. Keep them coming. Target Red Card, Shoparoo and Kroger school reward programs are still helping our school! We are participating in the school mall online shopping program again this year. Search for Lindbergh Elementary. Then shop as you normally would online. We get a percentage of the proceeds. Many businesses also have script available for us to receive funding more than one time.

The first card marking period ended on November 7th. You must attend the Parent Teacher Conference to receive your child’s report card this first card marking.

Parent Teacher conferences are coming up. They will be held on Thursday, November 12, 2015, Wednesday, November 18, 2015 and Thursday, November 19, 2015 from 4:30-7:30 PM. Teachers will be sending out reminders for times. These are important times to discuss the academic progress of your children

We all want students to feel the ownership of their learning. We are working along with all of Dearborn Schools to create a My Learning Plan for all students. Students here at Lindbergh have always set goals for Daily 5/CAFÉ and for math as well. We are helping students become aware of the learning targets from their assessments. Teachers and students have started to create these goals and will be going over them with you at Conferences. Parents, students and staff make up a strong team to support student achievement and general all around positive growth. Thank you for working with us to make your children successful!

The Lindbergh lost and found is located in the old lockers outside of the gym. When you are here visiting, please be sure to look for any familiar items. They are filling up quickly with mostly coats.
We will try to clean out the lockers twice a year and will donate any unclaimed items to a local charitable organization.

This year our City Beautiful Representatives are
Charlotte Karoub and Nicholas Maziarz. Miss Polidori is the faculty representative. We attended the All School Breakfast for them to meet with the mayor and other important officials. The Team will be sending notes home later to explain the ideas for Lindbergh and our clean-up campaign.

Just a reminder there will be NO school for the students on the following days:
Nov. 3- Election Day, Professional Development for Teachers.
Nov. 6 – 11:45 dismissal,
conference prep pm
Important dates:
Nov.12, 18, 19 – Conference times
4:30-8:30 PM
Nov. 18 – Late Start 9:40
Nov. 25-29– Thanksgiving Vacation
Dec. 5 – Barnes and Noble Book fair
Dec. 8-10 Santa Shop
Dec. 16 – Late Start 9:40 AM
Dec. 21-Jan. 3–Winter Holiday Break