Charles A. Lindbergh

Hello world!

Welcome to iBlog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This website has the following Plugins Activated:

  • Polls – Create simple polls and allow visitors to vote on poll questions you create.
  • Email Subscriptions – Parents and students can get email alerts everytime you make a new post to the blog.
  • Post Voting – Notice the little thumbs up and down buttons below all the content.  This allows users to let you know if they like or dislike an announcement.
  • Feedback – The Feedback (Usernoise) plugin allows visitors to quickly contact you via a popup email form.  Simple and easy to use.  See it over on the left???
  • Calendar – The calendar function has been activated, but hidden by default.  All you have to do is publish the “Calendar” Page which is currently set to Draft and hidden.
  • Wiki Pages – If you ever have the need to setup quick and easy Wiki pages, this plugin is waiting for you.  Maybe you want to setup a volunteer page where parents can add their names?  Maybe you want to allow students to signup for activities?  A wiki page is a great way to make this happen.
  • QR Codes – Notice the funny looking box in the lower right?  That is a QR code which can be used in print material so that mobile phones can scan this image and automatically be taken to your website page.  Works great with iPhone and Androids equipped with a QR Code Reader.  These are the same codes you see appearing in Magazines and newspaper ads.
  • Translation – Allows translation to any of the languages Google Translation Supports.
  • Custom Header Image – If you don’t like the current image (tree) you can upload you own photo from the dashboard.  Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Header.  You will see other default images as well as a button to upload your own photos.  If the photo is too large you can crop it using built-in tools.

You can delete these plugins at anytime or change the way your website looks.
Enjoy your new Classroom Website created using iBlog!
-Chris Kenniburg
Dearborn Public Schools